About the UA9

Patrol and Surveillance Aircraft, Conservation and Environmental Protection, Maritime Patrol


The light surveillance and patrol requirement around the world has seen significant growth on an unprecedented level. Countries, governments and private agencies tackle ever growing threats and infringements on borders, EEZ areas and regions of sensitive and national interest. The demand to have these areas properly patrolled and protected is on the rise and until now the options have been both limited and expensive and some countries unable to afford the specialist aircraft required. Even those that can afford it the costs are high as the current choice of available aircraft are expensive purchase, maintain and operate.......... until now!

Only a handful of specialist aircraft are available as well as UAV's (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles).

Most of these aircraft and Helicopters although they do the job well, are very expensive to acquire and maintain, requiring very specialist crews and engineers to support them. Limited numbers due to high purchase costs are available within a government's fleet and thus a less than adequate patrol schedule is met. Other limiting factors for these aircraft are range and capability in order to perform their missions efficiently and economically. UAV's for example are great patrol tools, however, they lack payload and are unable to carry crews, making them perfect for limited distances only. Their inability to be operated off site is also a hindrance the as the aircraft always have to return back to the base of departure. Expensive to purchase and very limited capability.

Helicopters are probably the most popular form of patrol and surveillance aircraft, however, limited range, extremely high acquisition costs and equally high operating costs make them the least efficient choice, especially if vast areas need to be covered. They have hover capability and higher payloads but that's not always essential when patrolling and detection is your biggest requirement.

The UA9 has been developed and designed by a capable team of engineers and technicians to meet with the needs of aerial support.

Several different configurations are available based on the customer's needs that include a whole host of upgrades and integrated system technologies. UA9 has invested heavily in the design, architecture and upgrades to produce the aircraft which is best suited for long duration missions, primarily on borders and coastal locations . The UA9 will be on display at many leading industry events, including LIMA 19 (Langkawi, Malaysia), Dubai International Airshow, Singapore Aerospace and the Indodefence Expo, so watch this space for upcoming locations and dates.


  • Maritime patrol
  • Border protection
  • Fishery infringement (EEZ)
  • Illegal poaching ( wildlife)
  • Drug enforcement
  • Environmental protection
  • Search and Rescue
  • Deforestation
  • Forest fire detection and monitoring (hot spots)
  • Medivac
  • Data gathering and imagery
  • Tactical flying and grid referencing
  • Convoy guardians (land and sea)
  • Traffic management
  • Tsunami early warning
  • Humanitarian relief and support
  • Disaster first response
  • Crowd control and monitoring